smart columbus
August 23, 2018

From detailing plans for its connected vehicle program, opening the Smart Columbus Experience Center, and launching a first-of-its-kind Operating System, Smart Columbus has announced programs and progress with the Department of Transportation and a wide range of public private partnerships this... read more


Credit: CO DOT

August 22, 2018

The Colorado Department of Transportation has been making news and progress this summer with its Lean Everyday Ideas (LEI) program earning a top distinction, and a RoadX Smart 70 Connected Vehicle project creating “an internet of roads.”

planning transit future
August 16, 2018

As local government leaders finalize fiscal year budgets, many are even more focused on long-range transportation planning. That’s because transportation planning is much harder than planning next year’s budget.  

micro mobility data platform
August 17, 2018

After reviewing data from May through July, a data platform startup has issued a newly-released study. The 2018 Populus report offers new data and insights for smart cities on the mobility front, authored by the firm’s CEO and co-founder Regina Clewlow, Ph.D.

NRDC Transportation Roadmap
August 16, 2018

An international environmental organization has unveiled a regional roadmap aimed at helping cities fix transportation, cut pollution, and build livable communities.

lime equity

Credit: Lime

August 23, 2018

Lime has announced "a pivotal step" towards ensuring transportation equity in the communities it serves.


As part of a commitment to be leaders in the future of transportation technology, five state agencies and seven academic institutions in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania formed a multi-state partnership more than a year ago to work together on self-driving and connected vehicle initiatives.

APTA best agency

Courtesy: King County Metro

August 09, 2018

The nation’s foremost transit association, American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has named King County Metro Transit the best large transit system in North America.

bird plans
August 08, 2018

As its dockless scooters roll into more cities, Bird’s commitment to safety and service is taking off with recent announcements relating to an Advisory Board, bike lane protection fund and program for underserved communities.

infrastructure funding minibus bill
August 03, 2018

Although there is no compromise in sight on an omnibus spending bill, House members left the Capitol for a month-long August break. However, members of the Senate stayed behind and just passed a “minibus” appropriations package.

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