Traffic Strategy

February 12, 2018

Smart traffic management is a system wherein centrally-controlled traffic signals and sensors regulate the flow of traffic through the cities in response to specific demand levels. This type of implementation allows cities to reduce traffic congestion by smoothing traffic flows and prioritizing... read more

February 09, 2018

In cities across the country, street rights-of-way and curbs are getting a makeover as smart parking meters, electric vehicle charging ports and even bike-shares jockey for space. Which is why curbs and right-of-way areas - and how to accommodate the new needs landing in these spaces - will be... read more

February 05, 2018

In Los Angeles, the number of bus and rail trips taken last year was the lowest in more than a decade. Over just the last five years, transit ridership has declined 15 percent.

What's behind the... read more

January 26, 2018

Smart transportation, a key internet of things vertical application, refers to the integrated application of modern technologies and management strategies in transportation systems. These technologies can provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management... read more

January 09, 2018

Siemens, along with Brandmotion and Commsignia, is working with the City of Las Vegas to provide a turnkey vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) solution. Siemens said the solution will be deployed along Casino Center Boulevard between Bonneville and Clark avenues, which... read more

January 09, 2018

The Department of Transportation (DOT) is teaming up with the popular navigation app Waze on a new initiative designed to make the nation's roads safer, the agency announced Monday. The DOT is launching two pilot projects that are aimed at integrating traditional crash data with crowd-sourced... read more

December 07, 2017

The city of Toronto, in Canada, announced the launch of two smart traffic signal pilot projects which will be able to independently adjust to real-time traffic conditions. "The city is finally moving into the 21st century and embracing technology that can improve traffic," said Mayor John Tory... read more

consequences of mobile mapping apps
November 27, 2017

We wonder every day what we would do without certain mobile apps. Two that come up often are Google Maps and Waze (now owned by Google). Every day, drivers put their faith in these apps to provide the most direct, traffic-minimized route to their final destination.

elon musk tesla semi truck
November 20, 2017

Thursday evening, Elon Musk streamed the unveiling of the new Tesla Semi, an all-electric big rig that can haul 80,000 pounds up to 500 miles without charging.

September 28, 2017

As technology continues to evolve and influence societal trends, cities are exploring what it means to be a "smart city." The core of this initiative is the desire to deploy and utilize advances in communication and information technologies to better understand and address challenges that face... read more

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