aarp future of transportation
September 27, 2018

New technologies are disrupting the entire transportation ecosystem at a rapid pace. The internet of things, autonomous cars and mobility-as-a-service are just a handful of the innovations that governments will have to reckon with.

global climate action summit cities

Credit: Global Climate Action Summit

September 28, 2018

Global Climate Action Summit issues summary of bold commitments announced by thousands of states, regions, cities, business investors and NGOs

resilience funding
September 10, 2018 | Kimberly Seigel

As our firm’s Research Knowledge Manager, I am always seeking to learn more about how to prepare for a resilient future.

smart water sustainable cities
August 28, 2018 | Sushil Pandey

More people live in the cities today than at any point in human history. Urbanization of the global population appears set to continue, with two-thirds of the world population expected to live in these cities by 2050.

UN Environment Yale University ecological living module
August 10, 2018

UN Environment and Yale University in collaboration with UN Habitat unveiled a new eco-housing module, to spark public discussion and new ideas on how sustainable design can provide decent, affordable housing while limiting the overuse of natural resources and climate change.

APTA best agency

Courtesy: King County Metro

August 09, 2018

The nation’s foremost transit association, American Public Transportation Association (APTA) has named King County Metro Transit the best large transit system in North America.

design for future cities
July 11, 2018

As Smart Cities and smart solutions continue to push boundaries in the AEC world, the concept of “how” we arrive there has never been more meaningful, especially to a firm looking to remain cutting edge in design philosophy.

lyft bikes motivate
July 03, 2018

Ride-hailing company Lyft announced the creation of Lyft Bikes today, saying it is has reached “a transformative agreement” to acquire core operations of Motivate, North America’s largest bike share operator.

June 15, 2018 | Susan Marlow

Technology and resiliency

June 26, 2018

While tech is one of the most often discussed components of Smart Cities, it's hardly the only one. Without citizen outreach, sustainability, political will and partnership ecosystems, true "smartness" will remain out of reach.

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