Photo credit: Chariot (Ford Smart Mobility).

February 06, 2019

The story of Ford Motor Company’s plans to boost smart city transit plans has taken a turn. Ford Smart Mobility is moving out of the shuttle service business. Chariot, which was purchased from a San Francisco commuter ridesharing startup two years ago, will cease all operations in March.

Courtesy: City of Syracuse, NY

February 01, 2019

STIR 2019 Startup Teams announced, commence 16-week residency to address wide range of challenges

Photo Credit: Port of San Antonio

January 23, 2019

Known as The Alamo City, San Antonio, Texas, prides itself on being home to the nation’s second-largest concentration of cybersecurity experts.

Credit: Soofa

January 21, 2019

A trio of startup leaders who work with cities across the globe has issued a timely and telling set of predictions for smart cities in the coming year.

accelicity winners leading cities
October 16, 2018

Earlier this year, Leading Cities, a global network for Smart City growth and collaboration, has launched a global Smart City startup accelerator program that provides potential capital from a network of investors as well as the tools and knowledge of how to do business with cities.

san antonio 311

Credit: Cityflag and City of San Antonio.

October 05, 2018

Smart city leaders and start-up collaborators in San Antonio, TX are pleased with early success of a new resident-friendly initiative to address local issues. Cityflag, a San Antonio-based tech start-up, released its 311SA app in August, and is reporting a 90 percent resolution rate.

micro mobility data platform
August 17, 2018

After reviewing data from May through July, a data platform startup has issued a newly-released study. The 2018 Populus report offers new data and insights for smart cities on the mobility front, authored by the firm’s CEO and co-founder Regina Clewlow, Ph.D.

lime equity

Credit: Lime

August 23, 2018

Lime has announced "a pivotal step" towards ensuring transportation equity in the communities it serves.

bird plans
August 08, 2018

As its dockless scooters roll into more cities, Bird’s commitment to safety and service is taking off with recent announcements relating to an Advisory Board, bike lane protection fund and program for underserved communities.

uber lime bike
July 12, 2018

As first reported by Bloomberg, then widely-reported across the business pages this week, Uber has announced it will invest in Lime to expand availability of electric scooters across the globe. Uber Technologies Inc.

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