SGCC Spotlight On Renters

Wednesday, February 21, 2018 - 09:30

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, home ownership in the United States last peaked in 2004 and has trended downwards since then. At the end of 2016, home ownership was 63.7 percent, lower than it was in 1996. These data indicate that more than a third of American households rent rather than own their homes. Unlike home owners, renters frequently lack authority or control to make energy-related upgrades or other investments to their homes, and they may be less inclined to monitor their energy use or engage with their energy providers.

Recognizing the importance of this housing trend and the challenges this can present for utilities and electricity service providers, the Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative commissioned the Spotlight on Renters research to better understand this group as consumers and to examine their attitudes, values and preferences regarding energy management activities and utility programs.

This research is intended to provide insight and guidance for stakeholders throughout the energy ecosystem by describing:

  • How renters and home owners compare demographically and attitudinally
  • Their familiarity with energy-related issues
  • Their interest in various energy-related technologies, programs and offers
  • Their perceptions and attitudes towards their energy providers

Download the executive summary of the research below.

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