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November 14, 2018 | Yana Khaidukova

Cybercrime is a fast-paced world, with bad actors constantly networking, researching and testing out new tactics to increase reward and scale of attack. 2018 has been an intense year so far in cybersecurity, with an array of breaches and threats hitting headlines.

November 09, 2018 | Claus Habfast

The Smart City is as much a vision as it is a range of products and services where sensors and data play centre stage.

public data challenges
November 07, 2018

Many still think of Smart Cities as a futuristic possibility but, in most metropolitan areas, the rush to initiate smart city technology is happening in real time. While citizens may not be ready for this, technology and the internet of things (IoT) appear to be inevitable.

evolving cities
September 28, 2018

Unprecedented and rapid growth multiplies challenges for municipal leaders. That could be extremely problematic, but fortunately, cities are not just getting bigger, they are also getting “smarter.”

los angeles at&t smart cities p3
September 13, 2018

AT&T and the City of Los Angeles are looking to team up to make LA one of the smartest cities in America.

social credit rethink
July 30, 2018 | Harry Wilson

Very often, what we choose to believe a technology will become, turns out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

iot everyday life
July 18, 2018

The internet of things (IoT), or the billions of internet-connected smart devices that currently make up our everyday lives, is improving the way humans function.

trust data analytics
July 17, 2018

Navigating social factors well beyond the healthcare provider’s control have always been key to providing quality care. With the shift to value-based care driven by population health and precision medicine, the ability to factor in social determinants has become more important than ever.

June 26, 2018 | Vaughan Emery

The Need for Smart (and Secure) Cities

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