RATP Dev USA Launches Connected Transportation Platform

May 01, 2018
ratp dev usa connected transportation platform

Global public transit company RATP Dev USA has released their integrated mobility platform, Orbyt.

Orbyt combines technology and innovative resources to create one intersected transit eco-system. These intersections create opportunities to seamlessly move passengers from one mode of transit to the next, so any passenger, can reach any destination, at any time.

“Innovation can be defined as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, and unarticulated needs – a new method or idea,” RATP Dev USA Vice President of Innovation and Product Delivery Sandy Freeman said. “As the demand for integrated mobility increases, so does the public’s expectation of transportation providers. Transportation providers need to deliver a comprehensive portfolio of technology, tools, and innovative concepts that impact different modes of transit – providing choices for mobility. As our own portfolio, Orbyt, expands and adapts to the industry needs, it is clear that innovation is, and must be, at the foundation of our core services and pillars of success in public transit,” says Sandy Freeman, VP of Innovation and Product Delivery.

Orbyt provides a full 24-hour view of the customer journey. For passengers and operators, Orbyt focuses on three segments of time: before, during and after the ride. By segmenting the passenger journey, Orbyt has developed technological capabilities that optimizes fleet management and operations, and provides passengers with the ultimate customer experience.

The segment before the journey focuses on route management, which utilizes real-time data analytics to virtually alter routes and make informed decisions. By delivering accurate, real-time information to passengers, it is easier to maintain and manage consistent wait times.

During the ride, Orbyt’s emphasis is on customer experience, where passengers are provided with the appropriate amenities while in transit. With smart device enablement, passengers are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while onboard so they can check email, social media, news, alerts and more, ultimately enhancing the commute and traveling experience. In addition, with unified fare collection, passengers can have access to a pass/ticket and an easy way to pay- credit, debit, or commuter benefits. Passengers can also plan and pay for their next trip while on their current ride with concepts such as Demand Response Transit, where passengers can book their ride, select the mode of transit, and pay the fare, all from one mobile application.

Following the journey, Orbyt concentrates on data analysis, where each rider and route’s data is reviewed in order to guide future decision making. Orbyt also emphasizes customer support from issues submitted by passengers, which provides a forum for feedback and operational improvement, thus increasing customer satisfaction and therefore ridership. With Orbyt, transportation providers can also recreate events to inform sound planning and decision making to advance continuous improvement by accessing historical “black box” data from vehicles.

In addition, RATP Dev’s Safety Management System (SMS), drive2zero, drives a sound safety culture across RATP Dev and all RATP Dev transit agencies in the US, throughout the entire passenger and operator journey. drive2zero includes policies to adopt and enforce across each department at an organization. This comprehensive solution enables transportation providers to manage safety and security to the lowest possible level of risk and ensures passengers experience a safe, comfortable trip.

With a connected transportation platform, Orbyt brings together all the puzzle pieces, delivering value to customers. 

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