September 25, 2018
According to a new research report by the market research and strategy consulting firm, Global Market Insights, Inc, North America Microgrid Market is set to reach over USD $7B by 2024. Aging grid infrastructure coupled with stringent government policies toward adoption of sustainable power... read more
September 25, 2018
To realize the benefits of Smart Cities, myriad parties will have to come together and cooperate. The importance of collaboration drives this year's Smart Cities Week Conference and Exhibition, which returns to Washington, D.C. Oct. 2-4, 2018. With this year's theme being "Collaboration as the... read more
September 25, 2018
A public private partnership between the Colorado Smart Cities Alliance and Arrow Electronics, Inc. will result in the launch of the Colorado Open Lab. The Lab will be an Internet of Things (IoT) engineering lab for customer development showcase and innovation collaboration to fast track... read more
September 24, 2018
Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last couple of decades. We see it in the applications that we use every day. Take that virtual assistance on your phone, for example. That is a prime example of artificial intelligence at work. We started out with them being able to handle a basic... read more
September 26, 2018
The winners of the 2018 America’s Transportation Awards competition enhanced safety and quality of life with their projects, and the honorees are the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).
September 24, 2018
UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Climate Action and former New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has announced Seattle and Atlanta as the first round of winning cities for the Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge. Seattle and Atlanta are the first two of 20 cities total to be... read more
September 20, 2018
As the American Association of State Highways Transportation Officials (AASHTO) is gearing up for its 2018 Annual Meeting this week, the organization has identified the top 12 state projects which are contenders for its America’s Transportation Awards. The meeting to be held September 20-24, in... read more
September 21, 2018
Cities with higher public transit use can dramatically cut their road traffic death rates, according to a newly-released data analysis. The American Public Transit Association (APTA) and Vision Zero Network have partnered to boost public transit use, and published an analysis intended to support... read more
September 14, 2018
With the world’s environmental eyes on San Francisco this past week, a recent announcement by its Mayor, London Breed, is generating attention. Mayor Breed announced groundbreaking new environmental commitments to curb greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste, and advance green infrastructure... read more
September 13, 2018
AT&T and the City of Los Angeles are looking to team up to make LA one of the smartest cities in America. To foster the creation of a Smart City, AT&T and LA are in talks regarding a public-private partnership. With Internet of Things (IoT) technology and support for the deployment of small... read more
September 14, 2018
As the world awaits outcomes from this year’s 2018 Global Climate Action Summit kicking off in San Francisco, Lyft has already made news. The rideshare company has issued a major announcement to support the mission of the event, held in its hometown. Lyft announced its commitment to carbon... read more
September 13, 2018
Two telecom companies have made news in as many days in the 5G space. T-Mobile announced a $3.5 billion contract with Ericsson. Separately, AT&T has named five more cities for deployment, announced that it made the world’s first wireless 5G transfer over millimeter wave, and has selected three... read more
September 11, 2018
A veteran traffic safety expert has issued a clarion call for safety solutions to prevent traffic fatalities. Written for the international leadership platform, Meeting of the Minds, a newly-published article was authored by one of its network partners, Brian Chandler, Director of Transportation... read more
September 12, 2018
A leading security company is making it easier for businesses and cities to navigate data breach laws across the country, while offering cybersecurity strategies for companies and organizations which rely on a remote workforce. Digital Guardian has created an in-depth state-by-state guide to U.S.... read more
September 26, 2018
The call for procurement innovation has been answered. Taking on the task is, a digital platform aiming to simplify the process of finding, validating and implementing new technology at the city level. Initially launched as in collaboration with the White House's... read more
September 10, 2018
Two transportation-related mobile apps are combining to make life safer and easier for Windy City drivers. The concept: enhanced navigation connectivity. The goal: reduce crashes and improve traffic flow. Google-owned navigation app Waze and Chicago-based parking space app SpotHero are teaming up... read more
September 06, 2018
Three California cities are serving as municipal mobility mentors when it comes to regulating dockless, electric scooters and e-bikes. On September 4, the Los Angeles City Council unanimously approved rules for scooters and bikes. San Francisco has moved forward in announcing the two companies... read more
September 04, 2018
Making good on its mission to help city leaders build better communities, the National League of Cities has announced plans to help cities achieve What Works Certification, and released a new Small Cell Wireless Municipal Action Guide. NLC is a resource and advocate for 19,000 cities, towns and... read more
August 27, 2018
Smart Cities Week 2018 returns to Washington, D.C. Oct. 2-4 with an entire conference track dedicated to what public sector officials need to know about Smart Infrastructure. From solid waste to social resilience, the energy-water nexus to smart buildings, industry experts and seasoned smart city... read more
August 30, 2018
In the nation’s third worst urban “heat island,” one data-driven community-wide collaboration in Dallas, TX is working to live up to its name, Cool & Connected Oak Cliff. Students, local churches and volunteers have teamed up with The Trust for Public Land, The Texas Trees Foundation and The... read more
August 28, 2018
Reducing red light crashes and improving fuel efficiency are key goals driving transportation technology implementation in smart cities across the country. Using signal, phasing and timing (SPAT) technology, Connected Signals, Inc. is working with municipalities to provide real-time predictive data... read more
August 27, 2018
StreetLight Data has announced its next phase of growth. The latest funding round for the San Francisco, CA-based company which “creates analytics that shine light on mobility behavior” was detailed by founder and CEO Laura Schewel on the company’s blog.
August 24, 2018
Final acceptance of the 2018 AcceliCITY applications officially ends on Monday, August 27th, putting an end to a tremendously successful inaugural Smart City startup competition application process. In the first year of the Smart City startup competition, AcceliCITY has reached over 300 potential... read more
August 27, 2018
The American Center for Mobility, a Michigan-based non profit organization, has announced an interim leader, and is reporting findings of its newly-released report. The Center is a non-profit, Department of Transportation (DOT)-designated testing and proving ground for automated and connected... read more
August 23, 2018
From detailing plans for its connected vehicle program, opening the Smart Columbus Experience Center, and launching a first-of-its-kind Operating System, Smart Columbus has announced programs and progress with the Department of Transportation and a wide range of public private partnerships this... read more
August 22, 2018
The Colorado Department of Transportation has been making news and progress this summer with its Lean Everyday Ideas (LEI) program earning a top distinction, and a RoadX Smart 70 Connected Vehicle project creating “an internet of roads.”
August 21, 2018
News out of the U.S. Senate bodes well for residents of rural communities across Upstate New York eager to benefit from broadband access. Newly-passed funding for the Broadband Pilot Program, combined with $600 million included in the FY 2018 Omnibus Spending Bill, is expected to provide over $1... read more
August 20, 2018
Comcast has announced plans to expand eligibility to nearly one million low-income veterans. The Philadelphia, PA-based telecommunications company also released its seven-year progress report, and is re-launching its online learning center, featuring digital literacy and internet safety resources... read more
August 17, 2018
After reviewing data from May through July, a data platform startup has issued a newly-released study. The 2018 Populus report offers new data and insights for smart cities on the mobility front, authored by the firm’s CEO and co-founder Regina Clewlow, Ph.D. Providing an in-depth analysis on... read more
August 16, 2018
An international environmental organization has unveiled a regional roadmap aimed at helping cities fix transportation, cut pollution, and build livable communities.
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