ITS America And Terbine To Launch Transportation Data Exchange

June 05, 2018
its america terbine data exchange

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) and Terbine have announced a partnership to offer a “first-of-its-kind” exchange for transportation and logistics Internet of Things (IoT) data, which will enable users to seamlessly share information from multiple sources and platforms on a single exchange.

This partnership allows businesses, governments and researchers to solve problems that will lead to safer and more efficient mobility.

Given the sheer volume of IoT data in the transportation ecosystem, providers and users alike have a crucial need for a master exchange. The Exchange, which is based on Terbine’s cloud-based IoT data system, will fill this void. It supports any number and variety of IoT data types generated by public agencies, corporations and universities.

“This is a tremendous new tool that will help our members save lives and improve mobility,” ITS America President and CEO Shailen Bhatt said at ITS America’s annual meeting in Detroit, where the announcement was made.

“Everyone talks about ‘big data,’ but we need ‘big information’ to make a difference, and that’s what the Exchange will provide.”

The ITSA Data Exchange powered by Terbine (the Exchange), which will be available immediately and exclusively to all ITS America members, will function as a master exchange that offers participants access to well-maintained, well-managed information (including metadata and indexing) and the ability for providers to retain maximum control over data once it is in the Exchange.

IoT data from public and commercial entities can be conveyed through the Exchange, which deals with all backend operations such as licensing and rights management, tracking of datasets and streams, and eventual monetization of IoT data.

ITS America members will have the opportunity to participate in the Exchange on a pilot basis for six months, during which there will be testing in areas such as traffic management, alignment of power industry resources with deployments of electrified vehicles, fleet and infrastructure insurance, and how to measure mobility and connectivity, as well as other smart city, smart grid and smart transportation applications. After the pilot period, members will be offered training to manage their machine-generated data flows via the Exchange.

“Major paradigm shifts are occurring, driven by artificial intelligence, 5G wireless, ride sharing, autonomous air and land vehicles, all generating unprecedented amounts of data,” said Terbine CEO David Knight. “Working closely with ITSA, we’re solving the increasingly complex issues surrounding how that data gets efficiently curated and conveyed, by linking public, commercial and academic worlds.”

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