The Intelligence Of Future Cities (Artificial Or Otherwise)

September 12, 2017
future cities ai intelligence

“Our future is much too important to be left to algorithms and intelligent machines...”

We’re living days of ecstasy. Cities around the world have become hubs for technology and innovation. And for those that have not yet taken this path, it will be only a matter of time until they embark upon this machine that puts the future into the present and projects the past into the future.

In ten years, it’s said, we shall reach a moment of “singularity," in which the power of computing will be equivalent to the power of the human mind and may even surpass it.

It's time to make several decisions, some of which are very hard and require courage and leadership. Machines will replace millions of human jobs and, sector after sector, industry after industry, already feeling the effects of technology today that surpasses human capabilities. Soon, 50 percent of jobs will be automated. Could it mean problems and social disaster? Yes, but also an opportunity.

It is now time to choose based on the future that we are already living intensely in the present: new ways, moderately technological or radically human. It must be balanced. But they need, above all, to put into all plans that which has not yet materialized with “zeros and ones”: compassion, love, ethics, morality and mystery, along with design and the arts. We need to take an introspective look at what it is to be human, at what “people” are.

We can no longer go back in time, but we can still promote actions that, with technology that will always be present in our lives, allow us to be happy with other people. And in today's world, focused on screens, talking to bots or watching virtual scenarios, this detail makes all the difference. Interacting with people, sharing the pains and joys, living with the authentic and genuine soul that we still possess in Portugal and that in ZOOM SMART CITIES we put on display, so that the exciting future does not ruin our glorious past and that in the “here and now” we have the tools to ensure that our destination is not decided by machines.

This will be the true “Smart City for the people.”

Vitor Pereira has, after twenty years of dedication to journalism and the communication sector, connected with new ICT projects in key sectors like Tourism/Travel, Cities and Smart Regions and, of course, communication, information and analysis.

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