April 03, 2018

The public sector has the highest potential for procurement savings out of any sector. By utilizing established best practices, government agencies can reap billions in savings without affecting essential services. Some of these strategies include consolidating purchasing for common goods and... read more

April 03, 2018

In stark contrast to the private sector, public sector entities at all levels rarely change their spending allocations from year to year. By using data analytics and with enough political drive, governments can reap big savings from reallocating resources. A strategic spending review can often... read more

February 16, 2018

The legislative branch is opening its doors to help those driving the smart city movement. Ryan Johnston Editorial Intern ... (Getty Images) On Thursday, two state legislators announced the Congressional Caucus on Smart Cities, which will explore solutions to bridge the technological divide... read more

February 14, 2018

Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser established the Interagency AV Working Group this week to explore an autonomous vehicle (AV) program, make sure that AVs would benefit the public and prepare the district for AV technology. The administration, in cooperation with the city's Southwest Business... read more

December 08, 2017

New data reveals that most companies are still ill-prepared for a data-driven procurement process. A recent survey of senior executives who oversee over $450 billion in annual material spending finds that the overwhelming majority (97 percent) believe that a data-driven procurement process is... read more

December 07, 2017

To understand where smart city projects are going, one must understand where they've been. Atlanta CIO Samir Saini does this by dividing these projects into three phases: Smart Cities 1.0, Smart Cities 2.0 and Smart Cities 3.0.

September 22, 2017

What: "State Procurement Negotiations: Working Together to Reform and Transform," a report from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers and the National Association of State Procurement Officials Why: Most state CIOs and CPOs believe their current procurement processes are... read more

August 18, 2017

President nixes council after ending two other business groups Executives had started to quit after Virginia controversy President Donald Trump will not move forward with a planned Advisory Council on Infrastructure, a person familiar with the matter said Thursday.

August 16, 2017

Public-sector organizations have shown they can be nimble in a crisis. Focusing on agility could help them keep pace with changing needs during challenges-and beyond. As the manufacturing economy of the industrial age is transformed into the digital economy of the information age, our public-... read more

August 07, 2017

Last week, an inspirational group of mayors, senior city officials, and nationally-recognized experts gathered in Stowe, Vermont, for the 2017 Resilient Cities Summit, hosted by the National League of Cities (NLC), the Urban Land Institute (ULI), and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).... read more

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