Consumer Platform Of The Future

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 15:45

SECC’s Consumer Platform of the Future research studied consumer interest in some of the potential products and services that could be made available through a robust platform of technology, processes and partnerships that enhance energy efficiency and enable new levels of personalization and analytics.

The insights gained from this research help participants in the smart energy ecosystem define:

  • The types of offers consumers will want in 5 years and the credibility of an energy provider to represent offers outside of traditional energy-specific products and services

  • Elements of offers consumers want to be packaged together

  • Products and services that would be helpful in evaluating offers, such as return on investment and comparisons that can be applied by consumers or in conjunction with a customer service representative

  • Evolving ways to educate consumers

  • Potential opportunities for new organizational structures and approaches for meeting consumer needs, including opportunities for utilities to monetize excess capacity to address consumer needs while opening up new revenue potential

With this knowledge, organizations engaged in smart energy will be able to target offers that will more thoroughly engage consumers while identifying ways to leverage emerging opportunities through strategic partnerships.

Download the executive summary of the research below.


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