June 14, 2015

It was six men of the urban world
To learning much inclined,
Who went to see the Smart City Elephant
(Though all of them were blind),
That each by observation
Might satisfy his mind.

Why is everyone moving to the cities?
June 08, 2015

Every urban news outlet is telling you the same thing, “everyone’s moving to the cities” and “by 20xx over half of our world’s population will live in cities,” it’s rather unanimous to say the least. Now everyone’s concerned about population, housing, services, energy, etc.

| S&RC Editorial Network

The United Nations estimates that by 2050, 66% of the world’s population will be living in cities, up from the 54% in urban areas today.

Dubai to see first degree in City Sciences this fall
June 01, 2015 | Frank Cutitta

The programme, to be launched by Rochester Institute of Technology or RIT Dubai, in association with Dubai Silicon Oasis, is to about to get a go-ahead from the Ministry of Higher Education and Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.

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