consequences of mobile mapping apps

We wonder every day what we would do without certain mobile apps. Two that come up often are Google Maps and Waze (now owned by Google). Every day, drivers put their faith in these apps to provide the most direct, traffic-minimized route to their final destination. In many cases the routing is counterintuitive, but for some reason the efficiencies work.

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arizona bill gates smart city

Belmont Partners, a real estate investment firm owned by Bill Gates, recently purchased 25,000 acres of land in Arizona to create a smart city called Belmont.

The city will will include high speed digital networks and autonomous vehicles, according to a statement by Belmont Partners. The purchase price: $80 million.

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ai machine learning jobs iot

The IoT is one of those amazing bits of technology that will give us a remarkable edge. It will also cut both ways. It is automating many jobs and making them much easier to do and offering very lucrative jobs for those who are in possession of the right skill set.

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urban farming in smart cities

Leading Cities, a global non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life in cities through Smart City solutions, recently published “Smart Agriculture in Boston: the frontier for industry growth, citizen engagement and food security.” This policy brief, with Boston as the case study, captures the o

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iotrash platform to reduce obsolescence

The world’s awareness about the environmental impact of our trash is nothing new. And I am not talking only about generic garbage like plastic, metal or paper. Indeed, specific high-polluting functional products are also being considered.

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city happiness social media

More than 25 years ago, predictive data analytics technology began guiding grocery chain marketers to display seemingly unrelated products together on supermarket shelves to achieve maximum sales. In an early 1990s example, one Washington, D.C., supermarket chain reported a sudden revenue boost after bananas were displayed next to disposable baby diapers.

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open source artificial intelligence machine learning

Once upon a time, the very concept of Open Source was absurd, and only its proponents ever thought it could be other than marginal. Important software could only be built and supported by sophisticated businesses, an expensive industrial component whose blueprints — the source code — was extremely valuable.

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Smart City Manifesto TM Forum

The city of Yinchuan in western China played host to an impressive gathering of Smart City thought leaders from around the world.

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smart cities need tech workers

The smart cities movement has garnered major backing from heavy hitters in the tech field, including the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) based in Washington. The group represents 2,000 companies and 3,000 academic and training partners.

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