leading cities member network

Leading Cities, the pioneering global network for Smart City growth and collaboration, launched a partnership program for cities aiming for growth through collaboration. After nearly a decade of working with select cities globally, with a limit of just one city per nation, Leading Cities is now offering its network, expertise and resources to all municipalities.

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internet of things operational challenges

Welcome to the sixth post in my series of seven chapters intended to help individuals and organizations on their journey to deploying a successful Internet of Things (IoT) transformation. In my last blog, I covered the implementation and this post covers the operational challenges.

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artificial intelligence data

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is destined to change the way we work, live, travel, entertain ourselves and stay healthy. It will also change public safety and almost every other aspect of government.

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iot revenue for cities

Man came closer to (and continues to do so) emulating nature in the year 1983 when the ARPANET broke first ground. That was a little big bang of its own, because what followed was indeed a whole new world. With wide scale adoption that began in the '90s, Internet ushered in a new wave of opportunities for people to learn and benefit from being connected to one another.

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build program

A lockbox containing $1.5 billion in federal funding for surface transportation projects has just opened up to communities across the United States. The funding comes from a new program called the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grant program. The announcement came this week from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT).

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5 smart city tips

I was recently in Washington D.C. to run a workshop for the World Bank on how to develop “smart cities."

“Smart cities” is honestly a buzzword and, when I get invited to speak, most people expect me to start with cool tech like AR, VR, AI, modeling and simulation, blockchain and the like.

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cybersecurity funding

There’s been so much sensational news in the last few days, it’s very easy to overlook other important news. That can be dangerous, and here’s a good example of something we should not overlook.

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city smartup internet of things

The smart city concept started with different terms and perspectives as a means to define urban technological evolution. More specifically, "smart city" was not the initial term that was used by urban planners and researchers.

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sly james kc startups

Tech startup SafetyCulture moved from San Francisco to Kansas City, Mo., last year. The company, a maker of a workplace safety app, set up modern offices in a massive revamped middle school on the city’s west side.

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