the future of telemedicine

Telemedicine (“medicine at a distance” from the Greek “tele” – far, far) was formed at the junction of several areas – medicine, telecommunications and information technology. This is a method of providing medical care services when distance is a critical factor.

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smart city cascading tech problem

A survey of smart city activities around the world shows that much of the focus of smart city projects remains on establishing the most basic of services such as connectivity. In fact, there is a clear lag in the deployment of technologies and services in smart city applications, versus what technologies enable. We call this the cascading technology trap.

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what makes a city a city?

When I spoke at the smart buildings show in London, the event took me back eleven years to the early days of “smart." The birth of smart was in Greenfield real estate, and from there, it evolved to where we are today.

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connected car cybersecurity

One of the big worries about new Internet-connected cars and trucks and future self-driving vehicles is how vulnerable they might be to cyberattacks.

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urban farming in smart cities

Over recent years the debate concerning urban agriculture has been growing on both sides of the Atlantic with some common trends, however, deep differences exist among the approaches and philosophies that sustain those projects.

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air quality in smart cities
Image: Bosch

Smart city officials ponder many topics, but air quality is a priority in many cities–including in Las Vegas, home of CES 2018.

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applying business intelligence

Business intelligence is often considered a software solution developed to deliver data on executive dashboards. This is an expensive misunderstanding about true business intelligence value. When deployed correctly, business intelligence helps define strategy, maximize profitability, and foster a performance-oriented culture across an organization.

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smart and connected car safety

We all know that we need insurance and we’re all aware that driving without it isn’t legal. Insurance is something we’d rather have and not need, but it can also be quite costly.  It’s a requisite prior to engaging in certain activities such as driving. That said, lowering the cost is something everyone wants to do.

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blockchain explainer

Blockchain nowadays is a trend we cannot stop hearing about. For several years already, its popularity grows up by second.

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Artificial Intelligence in Smart Cities

Artificial intelligence  – to many individuals, it is exciting. Others may find it frightening and to some it could be significantly disruptive. The way you feel about AI likely depends on where you live, how you work, your age and whether or not AI will threaten your career. Autonomous cars and public transit will be controlled by AI in the near future.

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