How Will AI Change Work?

March 15, 2018
AI changing workplace

One of the most challenging questions today is whether or not artificial intelligence or machine learning, a subset of AI, is going to change work or actually remove work. It is clear to everyone involved that AI is changing the world. AI, big data and robotics mean that some jobs that used to require humans no longer do. How can you prepare for that kind of a world?

AI is expected to kill a few jobs, but it's also going to create some. However, these may be jobs that are going to require extra learning.

It’s critical for companies and employees to understand what all of this means and to begin to move toward it. The decisions that we make today for our companies are going to make a big difference in our ability to compete with other companies in the future.

From 2020 onward, AI is predicted to grow dramatically and change the way that we work. People need to be aware of that and to plan for it as well.

75 percent of companies say that they are investing heavily in artificial intelligence and in machine learning and other “intelligent technologies.” More than 70 percent say that they understand the need for attaining new tools to keep up with their competition and they are planning for increased use of AI.

Some companies are even changing themselves to be known as intelligent enterprises and will digitize nearly every process, and all of their decisions will be data driven.

How many employees are going to be ready for that? There is a lot at stake when it comes to jobs. There’s a lot at stake for both employees and companies. Executives have to be prepared to make tough decisions about business and about the workers and workers need to ask themselves what kind of new skills they are going to need to be able to keep their current job or to attain a new one.

There are multiple schools of thought about the future for workers and businesses in AI, not all of them bright. The second in the series examines the actions that may be necessary to shape the future of business and employees.

Bill McCabe is an IoT expert who has worked with IBM, Deloitte, Accenture, Cap Gemini, Oracle, JDEdwards and others designing recruitment plans for high value IT and IoT talent in Sales, Marketing and Consulting.

Bill McCabe

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