About Us

Smart & Resilient Cities™ (S&RC) is the exclusive and independent resource for urban planners, leaders and visionaries, commerce developers and academics who are looking now for solutions to tomorrow’s challenges of adapting legacy urban centers to accommodate future economic and social needs.
Smart & Resilient Cities is about modernization and future design — and providing the data and resources that planners need to help define goals, design to meet those goals, implement policies, and maintain, administer, and upgrade the results.
Quite simply, S&RC is dedicated to informing modern urban planners about the latest policies, technologies and applications to help them efficiently meet the needs of their citizens and enhance their quality of life.

Editorial Advisory Board:

  • Dave Barista - Editorial Director - Building Design + Construction
  • Rob Cassidy - Editor Emeritus - Building Design + Construction
  • Ruthbea Yesner Clarke - Research Director -  Smart Cities Strategies - IDC
  • Denise Dersin - Editorial Director - Professional Builder
  • Gordon Feller - Consultant at Executive HQ – Cisco; Founder - Meeting of the Minds
  • Michael Lake - President & CEO - Leading Cities
  • Bill Wilson - Editorial Director for the transportation group - Roads & Bridges, Transportation Management & Engineering, Storm Water Solutions


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