AARP Thought Leaders To Examine The Future Of Transportation

September 27, 2018
aarp future of transportation

New technologies are disrupting the entire transportation ecosystem at a rapid pace. The internet of things, autonomous cars and mobility-as-a-service are just a handful of the innovations that governments will have to reckon with. As to how the proper agencies will handle the change, the AARP Public Policy Institute’s Livable Communities team seeks to offer some guidance.

On October 23, the AARP Public Policy Institute will live stream a webcast on the future of transportation. Held from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., the event will articulate a path forward for managing transit innovation that emphasizes equity and sustainability. The keynote speaker will be Jana Lynott, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor with AARP Public Policy Institute’s Livable Communities team, architect of the AARP Livability Index and a thought leader on transportation. Afterward, a panel of transit innovators will offer more insights.

The full agenda for the live stream will be as follows:

11:00 - Welcome by Susan Reinhard, Senior Vice President, AARP Public Policy Institute

11:05 - Universal Mobility as a Service: A Bold Vision for Harnessing the Opportunity of Disruption

  • Jana Lynott, Senior Strategic Policy Advisor on Transportation & Livable Communities, AARP Public Policy Institute

11:20 - Realizing the Vision: A Panel Discussion with Innovators

  • Moderator: Tanya Snyder, Transportation Reporter with Politico
  • Kevin Chambers, Principal & Consultant, Full Path Transit Technology
  • Valerie Lefler, President & CEO, Feonix Mobility Rising
  • Robin O’Hara, Deputy Executive Officer and Head of CustomerExperience, TAP Smart Card/Program and TAP Mobile App, LA Metro
  • (invited) Jessica Robinson, Director of City Solutions within Ford Smart Mobility
  • Roger Teal, President, DemandTrans Solutions

12:25 - Closing Remarks

  • Jean Accius, Vice President, Livable Communities/Long-Term Services and Supports, AARP Public Policy Institute

12:30 - Adjourn

You can register to view the webcast here. You can find out more about the AARP's transportation research here.

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