Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative Releases New Toolkit

February 21, 2017
Image by Ian Muttoo on Flickr. Licensed under CC BY.

Though consumers may not know it, smart technology has already begun to influence urban infrastructure. One major utility that has seen significant changes in the wave of smart city development is energy, as the smart grid has enabled more efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective power management. Initiatives like these bring tangible benefits, but for smart city projects like the smart grid to thrive, consumers need to be aware of them and be willing to support them.

To facilitate this, the SmartGrid Consumer Collaborative has released a new communicatons toolkit to help energy industry stakeholders inform consumers about the benefits of the smart grid. The SGCC developed this toolkit from industry insight, a consumer survey, PR expertise and existing research.

The full toolkit is available to download at the SGCC website.

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