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Cyber stalkers present serious threats to businesses, governmental entities and organizations of all types. The ever-present danger is said to be increasing at an alarming pace, and because the aftermath of any cyberattack is so devastating and costly, technology changes are occurring at a dizzying pace. In spite of that, most citizens do not believe that current cyber security efforts are adequate.

Scientists at NASA are proving the intellect of teens isn't limited to just science fairs or small-scale lab experiments with the advance CitySmart, a smart city platform designed to help mayors and city staff manage resources. Through A World Bridge (AWB), an international program led by NASA and Trillium Learning that allows students to contribute to federal technology projects, teens in the U.S. and internationally are co-developing a smart city platform that will help monitor resources like renewable energy, water, electricity and agricultural systems.

How would you like to be able to predict the level of success (or failure) of your projects? Well, it seems that it is closer than you might think. Studies show that by using a monthly Partnering Scorecard, you can in fact have a great handle on what is actually happening on your project; and the scores turn out to be a great predictor of what is going to happen! So, you and your team have time to make course corrections before they become inevitable. How would you like to be able to predict the future for each of your projects?

The U.S. Department of Education reports that state and local spending on prisons and jails in the U.S. has increased at triple the rate of funding for K-12 public education in the last three decades. What a horrible revelation…enough to shock even the most cynical reader I suspect!

Correction experts are trying hard and many are turning to options never considered in the past. In numerous locations, prisoners are being placed into cells with tablet computers. It is a trend that is growing quickly.

The competition for technicians skilled in IT, Big Data and the other technologies smart cities require has been heating up for some time. A broad range of industries, from banking to manufacturing, need talented IT and analytics professionals, too.

The new center, called Connected Cities for Smart Mobility toward Accessible and Resilient Transportation (C2SMART), aims to accelerate transportation opportunities arising from unprecedented recent advances in communication and smart technologies. In addition to research aimed at finding solutions to transportation issues through the use of data and technology, C2SMART will focus on education, workforce development, and accelerating technology from the research phase to the real world.

We have to admit that the role of the university in our society is evolving in a direction very difficult to define, finding itself in a no man’s land between the tradition it represents and a new social framework where knowledge is Online, and the capabilities and qualifications that our society needs are more present in spaces like a FabLab than in a traditional classroom.

Getting smarter is a marathon not a sprint. This rings true for both humans and cities. Although it would be ideal for a Matrix-esque instant upload of knowledge or a mega-deal bringing in smart and connected devices, experienced oversight and a playbook every city agency is on board with, these occurrences are still a thing of fantasy.

The health care industry is a prime target for innovation, and improvements are being made in a wide range of areas.  There are new payment models, disease management programs, flexible care models and technology-driven cost reductions. One particularly interesting trend worth noting involves community paramedicine programs that reduce costly visits to emergency rooms (ERs).

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 16:45

As tech becomes more and more integral to our cities, STEM education from an early age will be essential. Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto knows this, which is why the five of the city’s recreation centers will serve as technology-focused education centers during the week.

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