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Following a thorough vetting and scoring system that ranks positives and negatives of bidders, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has awarded the contract to build the SH-99 segments in Liberty County. Grand Parkway Infrastructure, whose equity members include Ferrovial Agroman US, Granite Construction Co.

Public-private partnerships (P3s) for transit should be flexible and competitive, with both parties feeling they come from a position of strength, Michael Reininger, executive director of Florida East Coast Industries, recommends.

Back in August 2016, the editorial staff of Roads & Bridges covered the progress of Chicago's Jane Byrne Interchange reconstruction project. One of the signature accomplishments over the last year for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) was the completion of the westbound flyover bridge over the Jane Byrne, which carries northbound I-90/94 traffic over to merge with westbound I-290 commuters emerging from Congress Parkway and downtown Chicago.

Financing for more than a dozen large-scale transit projects funded in part with federal transit grants is currently jeopardized by President Trump's plan to eliminate the $2.3 billion per year New Starts program. Trump's 64-page budget blueprint for fiscal 2018 would halt grants from the program except for those projects already covered by a completed and signed full funding agreement with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Decades of erosion have dramatically raised the creek bed below a small bridge over House Run in Greene County, causing the span to suffer repeated damage during floods, which send rushing water over its deck.

The transportation secretary-designate told lawmakers the new administration will form a task force to look at a variety of financing options for infrastructure projects Feature | Robert Heller, Ph.D., and Jose Perez February 13, 2017 New England Compass is a regional ATM that exemplifies interagency cooperation

A $200 billion investment in the nation's public transportation infrastructure, over a 10-year period, could create and sustain 10 million jobs across America, according to a new analysis by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). In addition, it could provide sustained economic growth by contributing $800 billion to the nation's Gross Domestic Product over a 20-year period.

Imagine sitting in gridlocked traffic on Interstate 17 for as long as five hours at a time. For many Arizonans, it is not difficult to imagine; it's reality. Roughly once a week, drivers are halted or significantly slowed on Interstate 17, as state officials close down one or more lanes of the highway to deal with collisions.

"Thanks to the voters who supported Measure M, the private sector is taking the opportunity to work with Metro," said Metro Board Chair John Fasana. "Metro's thoughtful approach to exploring innovations can help ensure the voters receive the best return on their investment."

PennDOT will replace 20 bridges in Lancaster County this year as part of its effort to address the large number of structurally deficient structures in Pennsylvania. "We've been chipping away at it. We're better off than we were a decade ago," Pennsylvania Department of Transportation spokesman Greg Penny told LNP Thursday.

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