New IoT-Ready Alliance To Establish Standard For IoT Sensors In LED Light Fixtures

May 16, 2017

SRC Says: Developing a set of standards for IoT will enable cities to more effectively deploy and maintain connected technology, which will in turn increase the quantity and quality of collected data.

Lighting and LED driver manufacturers, Internet of Things (IoT) technology companies, and industry groups have established the IoT-Ready Alliance.

The organization is dedicated to making installation of IoT technology in luminaires easier. The aim is to facilitate “quick and easy installation of advanced IoT sensors” to be as simple as changing a light bulb.

“This will also enable building operators to easily upgrade the sensors, ultimately future-proofing their buildings as IoT technology continues to advance at a much more rapid pace than that of LED fixtures,” according to an alliance news release. The lifecycle of such fixtures can be 15 years, so if they are not updated owners would likely wait until they are replaced before upgrading to IoT technology.

“IoT-based lighting systems have tremendous potential to optimize energy efficiency and bring new kinds of value to the lighting and building industries and beyond,” said Gabe Arnold, technical director, DesignLights Consortium.

This story was originally published on Building Design + Construction

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