June 20, 2017

The city is soliciting auto manufacturers and tech organizations for ideas that could determine potential local impact of the technology and set the stage for policymaking. With self-driving vehicle pilots popping up in a growing number of cities, Portland, Oregon, is reaching out to auto... read more

June 05, 2017

President Donald Trump will hit the road next week to ramp up his long-promised plan to overhaul the nation's aging airports, roads and railways, a push that could energize his supporters and distract from political intrigue in Washington.

The infrastructure push - which will include a... read more

Image by BTC Keychain on Flickr. Licensed under CC BY.
May 25, 2017

Blockchains aren't primarily financial tools. They are a political technology, and their natural field of application is the developing world.

May 25, 2017

After learning how difficult it was to procure a new system piloted during the 2014 Startup in Residence program, which pairs startups with government agencies, San Francisco’s IT officials sought a better, faster method for future iterations of the initiative.

April 27, 2017

What do government workers need more of? Time. And that's exactly what artificial intelligence promises to offer. Our research suggests that cognitive technologies can help agencies free up billions of labor hours per year, to be spent doing real work, not drudge work.

April 07, 2017

City councils around the United States realize that connecting municipal infrastructure to the internet can improve the quality of life for citizens and ultimately save taxpayers money. The drive to make cities "smarter" is a clear opportunity for infrastructure vendors and systems integrators,... read more

March 07, 2017

When residents of the small former mining towns of Wilkeson and Carbonado in the shadow of Mount Rainier call for police help, it's not the town marshal who responds. In fact, neither community has a police department or jail. Instead, it's the patrol division of the Buckley Police Department... read more

March 02, 2017

Meeting of 15 agencies is initial step in developing proposals No decisions have been made on funding or financing options President Donald Trump's administration will convene a meeting of at least 15 federal agencies Thursday as a first government-wide step toward crafting the president's $1... read more

March 01, 2017

State and local government agencies saw the number of bids and RFPs for improved medical equipment grow 21 percent in 2016, more than any other contracting area, fueled by high health care costs and an aging boomer population.

January 20, 2017

AVs don't have to spell the death of walkable cities. Oklahoma City had the unwanted distinction of being one of the least walkable cities in the U.S. when Mayor Mick Cornett took office in 2004.

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