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May 16, 2017

Every day, seven million rows of new data are created in the City of Chicago alone, and countless billions of rows of data are generated across all of state, local and federal government. And yet while there are islands of innovation in government where data drives day-to-day decision-making,... read more

May 11, 2017

Conflicts in countries like Syria have displaced more than 60 million people internationally in the 21st century, more than World War II, and most of those migrants and internally displaced persons wind up in cities, according to a new 100 Resilient Cities report.

May 08, 2017

Though the chances of a broadband stimulus program similar to the one at start of the Obama administration are looking slim, going back further in history points to a tactic that very well might accelerate community broadband deployments. Are local governments prepared to seize this opportunity... read more

May 01, 2017

Living PlanIT and Halcyon Solutions have inked a strategic collaboration today to support U.S. Department of Transportation (USDoT) smart city initiatives across the country. Under the terms of the agreement, the two companies will combine their expertise in developing technology solutions for... read more

April 24, 2017

After years of talk about smart cities, people are wondering when - and where - will we start to see them really begin to take shape. What will they look like? How will we interact with them? A smart city is more than the sum of its parts. With a street light here, a sensor there — when... read more

April 18, 2017

It's crunch time in Missouri, where muni broadband supporters are seeking to defeat SB 186 - a bill that eliminates communities' rights to build public-owned broadband networks, effectively crippling jurisdictions' economies. Though the passage might be uncertain, there's a chance that... read more

April 12, 2017

When it comes to energy and environmentally friendly buildings, no way of keeping score is more familiar than LEED, the venerable Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification and rating system. The nonprofit U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) released its first version of LEED in... read more

April 07, 2017

City councils around the United States realize that connecting municipal infrastructure to the internet can improve the quality of life for citizens and ultimately save taxpayers money. The drive to make cities "smarter" is a clear opportunity for infrastructure vendors and systems integrators,... read more

March 28, 2017

As the Capital of Silicon Valley, San José is the “center of the universe” for innovation and disruptive technologies powered by the Internet economy.

March 08, 2017

An Atlanta company has started up a $10 million data center in Chattanooga, deciding to locate the facility here due to EPB's smart grid and the city's proximity to major fiber lines.

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