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Flexibility. If there's one thing that everybody involved in government procurement - chief information officers, procurement officials, vendors and civic tech folk - appear to agree on, it's that the future of government's technology-buying should be more flexible. The trend in that direction seems well underway too.

Graphic designer and illustrator Jason Craig lives in Augusta, Georgia, but he travels a lot to nearby cities like Atlanta and Columbia, South Carolina, for creative contract work and entrepreneurial camaraderie. "I wish I didn't always have to leave to do cool work," Craig says.

Dominica Belanská is a Place Making “activist” and, at this moment, she’s demonstrating great quality in investigation and research, as well as in the practical execution of projects, especially in Eastern Europe, and naturally, throughout the globe. Dominica also loves Lisbon, and after partaking in the international Masterclass in “City Making, Gentrification, and Tourism”, promoted by STADSLAB (Urban Design Laboratory of Tilburg University - Amsterdam), and focused on Mouraria’s case study, decided to return, and will continue to come back to “beautiful Lisbon”, she assures, smiling.

If there’s a manual anywhere on public-private partnerships (P3s/PPPs), it may have been written in Washington, D.C.  But not, as one might suspect, by lawmakers in the halls of the U.S. Congress.  The manual could have been written by some visionary locally elected leaders of the Council of the District of Columbia.

The Bloomberg Philanthropies announced a new certification program for municipal data-driven governance as part of its growing What Works Cities initiative on Tuesday.

“The certification will help cities know where to look for good practices,” former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told a gathering in lower Manhattan that attracted more than 350 municipal leaders and practitioners from around the nation, who are some of the brightest minds in data analytics and performance.

As the Capital of Silicon Valley, San José is the “center of the universe” for innovation and disruptive technologies powered by the Internet economy.

The San José metro area is the most connected region in the United States according to the 2015 American Communities Survey. That same year, Bloomberg cited San José as America’s richest city, based on its high median income.

San José, however, is very much a tale of two cities with significant inequality for income and connectedness.

How would you like to be able to predict the level of success (or failure) of your projects? Well, it seems that it is closer than you might think. Studies show that by using a monthly Partnering Scorecard, you can in fact have a great handle on what is actually happening on your project; and the scores turn out to be a great predictor of what is going to happen! So, you and your team have time to make course corrections before they become inevitable. How would you like to be able to predict the future for each of your projects?

The tipping point came in 2014. That was the year that mobile Internet access surpassed desktop access for the first time. Since then, the usage disparity between desktop and mobile continues to grow. Today, as local governments are feeling the pressure of constrained budgets and limited workday hours, they are looking for tools that allow them to be more nimble and fluid in their workflows.

A common theme is emerging in the midst of digital urban transformation and the new digital economy. This theme is digital clusters and the need for cities (regions, nations) to become digital innovation platforms. In order to achieve this, cities need to be more proactive and forward thinking in the way they create a favorable environment to support and facilitate the digital economy, as this will be critical in helping cities remain competitive. Failure to do so will see cities being left behind and losing their talent to other more proactive cities.

How do you engage citizens when most of them don't have time or interest in attending local government meetings?

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